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Vente de champagnes au domaine

Five generations of winemakers

Beginning with the vines, and throughout the winemaking process, our Champagne is created entirely on the estate.

With a commitment to allowing the character of the terroir to fully express itself, we have maintained the diversity of our vine plants for more than 50 years. Our parents have passed on to us an ensemble of vines that is the product of rigorous massale selection (as opposed to clonal selection).

Our new plantings focus on old, forgotten grape varieties that provide new possibilities.

We use only natural fertilizer prepared on the estate and ensure that the soil is worked regularly. And each season we pay particular attention to the biological evolution of the plants.

Recent new directions have been the employment of oak casks for aging and the use of naturally-produced yeast from our own vineyard. Both of which enhance the valorization of the aromas of our terroir, as well as support our rigorous quality controls.

From the fruit to the bottle, we are dedicated to preserving the richness that the soil of our vineyard has provided.

For ethical reasons, we are in the process of putting in place a system of organic agriculture based on biodynamic principles.

Finally, in accordance with the tradition of our village, we create 100% Pinot Noir rosés by employing the maceration process, which can be thought of as embodying the essence of our winemaking.

All these initiatives have a single objective: to establish a healthy and balanced system in which the vine plant and the terroir are able to fully express themselves in all their authenticity.

By respecting the essential gifts that nature does its best to bring us, our hope is that this way of thinking and working will fill your Champagne glasses with delights.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.